Introducing Geek Haus

A Playground for Geeks


Smart learning of English and coding.

Edutech platform Geek Haus is centered around


[1] Globalization

[2] Growth

[3] Technology


These three keywords encapsulate the core values in all our content and services.


Geek Haus's mission is to help you grow as a creative global talent.


To this end, we focus on education in coding and English, the global languages and essential skills of modern society.



Who We Are

Introduction to Logo

Geek Haus is a refuge for those who empathize with the values of software and English, striving for a better tomorrow.


The Geek Haus logo combines


The symbol of Geek, representing experts in specific fields, with glasses, and


The symbol of Haus (German expression for House), representing a playground and refuge for geeks.


Geek Haus aspires to play a valuable role in the fields of coding and English education for your development and, more broadly, for the prosperity of humanity.


Digitalization and globalization are irreversible trends of our era

and basic skills required for everyone in modern society.


Geek Haus will support your growth with content and services contributing to this timely mission.




What We Do


Geek Haus provides English and coding education services, integrating the latest IT technologies like AI and blockchain to help you develop as a creative global talent.



1. CodeFriends


A practical coding education platform for real-life application.

offers simple and practical coding education for real-life use.



< Main screen of CodeFriends >



< Example of using AI tutor: solving image ratio problem >



Currently, we have "Introduction to Web Coding" to learn the basics of web coding and build your own website from scratch,

and "Introduction to Python" to take your first steps into programming, with more coding courses coming soon,

including artificial intelligence, mobile app creation, and more.


For more information about CodeFriends, visit



(1) JoongAng Ilbo article on CodeFriends launch

(2) Demo link



2. Geek English


Geek English's first curriculum, The Great Interview is an AI English interview package specialized for career development.


It's an online education service where you can use an AI tutor specialized in English correction and editing unlimitedly and prepare for various career-related interview questions by writing, recording, and saving English scripts.


image info


How did you prepare your one-minute self-introduction in English?


Prepare it smartly with the unlimited English editing of The Great Interview.



(1) Maeil Business Newspaper article on The Great Interview launch

(2) Demo link



3. The Great IT English


Learn programming and English together.

The Great IT English is a practical English class for software tasks, tailored to the global IT workplace.


To collaborate with global tech companies and fully utilize open source, you need to know the practical English and specialized terms unique to software.


The Great IT English helps ensure that English is not an obstacle but a "stepping stone" in your career, offering the closest education content to the IT practical field.


image info


The Great IT English is available as internet classes, books, and e-books,

providing native pronunciation for commonly mispronounced IT terms through a linked YouTube channel.

🔗 Learn more

4. Geek Haus Playground


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Geek Haus Playground is a location-based content curation & social service providing events, announcements, and relaxation spaces for smart Geeks with Geek Haus.


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In the Sketch tab of Playground, you can leave simple notes, doodle freely, and share with other users.

Also, by turning "Show Profile" on in My Info,

you can promote your expertise and business to all Geek Haus visitors.

Geek Haus Playground is currently operating in Beta.


➔ Explore Playground Beta



And more.


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Geek Haus hosts networking events, both online seminars and offline parties, allowing members to meet beyond the online space, exchange information, and foster camaraderie.


[Scene from the 1st Networking Party]


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Geek Haus is committed to providing you with valuable educational content and practical edutech services

so that you can dream of a better tomorrow and grow as a global talent active on the world stage.


We support your better tomorrow.


Learn. Practice. Win.

with Geek Haus